Tom Perriello

Maya Hughes and her mom kept wondering who was “the complete stranger” who helped them. He turned out to be former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello.
A look at how the much-hyped fight played out (with help from the HuffPost FDR zombie meter).
The former Virginia congressman can wow journalists. But can he succeed within his own party?
The win is a disappointment for many progressive activists, who were cheering on Tom Perriello.
Tom Perriello is hoping to upset Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in the race for governor.
I first met Tom Perriello in late January at a small meet and greet at a bakery in Clifton. Donald Trump had been inaugurated
Valerie Jarrett is a close confidante of former President Barack Obama.
Gubernatorial candidates Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam both staked out strong positions on abortion rights.
The Democratic former congressman also has the backing of Sen. Bernie Sanders.