Tom Sawyer

When was the last time you reenacted a scene from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? More to the point, when was the last time you whitewashed a fence -- or, better yet -- paid for the privilege?
What if thousands, or millions of us wanted to be remembered because our lives touched others, and made the world just that much better?
Whether drawn to Mark Twain by a certain nostalgia that includes fishing and hooky-playing or because of his fiery social criticism, readers can't seem to put Twain's books down.
Mud skillfully yet almost casually manages to mix a coming of age tale, a twisty crime thriller, and a tragic love story in the slow-flowing waters of the Mississippi river, producing a masterful film with an edgy, contemporary darkness, yet with the timeless feel of adolescent adventures.
"It is a clear statement of how people feel about the second amendment in Kansas," Pauls told HuffPost about the bill. More
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio plans on adapting the famous Mark Twain novels into a film called "Huck and
In honor of Mark Twain's 176th birthday, proudly displayed a panoramic scene featuring one of the most famous
The British children's author and illustrator Edward Ardizzone is best known for writing and illustrating the Tim series
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Great Snow Show. My rapt "audience" -- the little old ladies who live on my block -- is peeking at me from behind lace curtains.
The text of Huckleberry Finn includes more than two hundred instances of the controversial word. But this doesn't say very much about the author himself.
Huckleberry Finn is a product of its time. Hate it, debate it, deplore it, ignore it, but don't take it upon yourself to change it to suit your own mores and values.
Whenever I read about another effort to protect the young from historical nastiness (the latest being the new edition of
Mark Twain's novels are about to be bloodied. As a novelist, I understand, object and feel compelled to protest.
The tradition has been carried on in modern children's classics such as A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS (orphans), HARRY POTTER
Mark Twain was a lifelong traveler, and his footsteps are all over New York City. Many of them are detailed in "Mark Twain
The book contains some shocking opinions which would have been extremely controversial in Twain's day, including a criticism
It's exactly a century since Mark Twain died, but his voice remains as fresh and witty as ever. How well do you know the
An Interview with Mark Twain Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) In 1889, having published six short-story collections in a one-year
From 1874 until 1891, Mark Twain lived in an ornate Gothic Revival mansion in Hartford, Conn., where he wrote his most enduring
Yes, America. I'll admit it. For the first time in a very long time, I find myself envious of the United States and I'm not too proud to say it: I'm insanely jealous.