Tom Steyer

"It’s not just the oil companies ... We have beaten the drug companies, we have beaten the tobacco companies," Steyer said at a forum for Democratic candidates.
Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer appeals to union workers and says he was the first of the democratic presidential candidates to advocate for a wealth tax.
NextGen America, which works to turn out young voters, is making the Maine Republican a top target for 2020.
The billionaire activist, who championed the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, surprised many when he joined a crowded Democratic field this week.
The billionaire philanthropist announced his 2020 Democratic campaign with swipes at wealth inequality and a rigged political system.
Field organizers for NextGen America, a group Steyer founded, are in a fight with managers over the size of their collective bargaining unit.
Vets call the president a "criminal" and question his loyalty in the video produced by veterans group Common Defense and billionaire Tom Steyer.
The billionaire said Congress “is broken” and that repairing it will begin with “holding Donald Trump accountable.”
The release of a four-page summary of Mueller's special counsel report hasn't cooled the billionaire's passion to oust the president.
Tom Steyer says the midterm results show turning out young voters and minorities is the key to success.
The billionaire philanthropist will instead focus on his efforts to impeach Donald Trump.
The major Democratic donor has bet that petting zoos and millions of dollars can solve the party's big turnout problem.
Package intercepted four days after president called the billionaire Democratic activist a "crazed and stumbling lunatic."
The nation's leading gun rights group regularly traffics in the sort of inflammatory rhetoric that has boiled over into violence in the past week.
The president went after the Democratic donor, once again bucking calls to tone down his rhetoric in the wake of violence.
The Republican leader warned that the wealthy donors are trying to "buy" the midterm election.
The new buy from the Tom Steyer-backed NextGen America includes the first-ever political ads on Twitch.
Liberal donor Tom Steyer and former Republican donor Mike Fernandez both pledged big money to the Tallahassee mayor's campaign.
Tom Steyer’s campaign did not exactly take Netroots Nation by storm.
He’s betting that a campaign to impeach Donald Trump will turn out infrequent voters in November. What could go wrong?