Tom Tancredo

Plus candidates who've said white supremacist things, hung out with white supremacists, or talked to anti-Semitic publications.
Republicans and Democrats alike should face the fact that a circular firing squad is unavoidable in a primary campaign with
Former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo is considering a run for governor because he’s “bored” and mad at Republicans
Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo's string of attacks against U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman raise questions again about what underlying principles motivate Coffman.
With Romanoff in 2006 was Carroll--and Republicans like the Gov. Bill Owens. With Coffman in 2006 was Tancredo. (Read more
After Tancredo lashed into Coffman for caring about nothing except staying in office, KNUS host Craig Silverman asked Tancredo
Keep in mind that Coffman once called Tancredo his "hero." A couple weeks ago, former Rep. Tom Tancredo skewered Rep. Mike
And also, to be fair, here's Cynthia Coffman's explanation for the unusual living arrangement of herself and her husband
After the Paris shooting last year, former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo posted a Facebook image with the words "Celebrating
"My outreach is to Independents, right, for Cruz," he said. "Well you can't vote in the Republican primary here, you can't