tom udall

The New Mexico Democrat talks about Trump's awful environmental record, the role of tribes in climate goals and his interest in being the next interior secretary.
"They don't know how to interact in the appropriate way with tribes and they're just not getting the job done," says Sen. Tom Udall.
Sen. Tom Udall's (D-N.M.) bill is a companion to the For The People Act passed by the House in March.
The bill is a companion to House Democrats’ sweeping reform proposal.
The EPA chief's ego and lavish spending have made him and the agency “a laughingstock," said Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.).
One senator called nominee Jim Bridenstine's behavior "as extreme as any" he'd seen in Washington.
A leading organization of pediatricians warned in June that the continued use of chlorpyrifos "puts all children at risk."
New bill would require nominees to disclose "dark money" they've donated or solicited.
President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick is getting his confirmation vote this week. It's gonna be messy.
Sen. John Hoeven is an odd choice for a job dedicated to helping Native American communities.