Tom Wheeler

“There will be emails, phone calls, protests ― it’s going to be a tsunami.”
The story of how Americans responded when faced with previous transformational change is the true measure of American greatness. It is the story of fighting back when change is harmful, yet not allowing the frustration with change to turn into a rejection of its benefits.
Under the law, broadband internet providers "must treat all internet traffic the same regardless of source."
During the closing of this article, the Consumer Federation of America released a report claiming that abusive special access pricing has cost customers and consumers over $150 billion in overcharging and economic harms since 2010.
Some broadband providers aren't happy about it.
We showed last year that organized people can still beat organized money. We showed that creative campaigns can counteract corporate cash. We showed that we should never settle for Washington's narrow definition of what's possible.
"Today’s vote will never make up for the inactions of the past, but it is my hope that the order will finally bring relief to those that have waited for so long."
The agency is cracking down on technology that automatically dials phone numbers.
"As the telecommunications industry becomes increasingly concentrated, this lack of choice has resulted in huge price increases
Rumors are flying that the proposed AT&T-DirecTV merger is a done deal. And yet, it appears that the FCC ignored our complaint, which outlined that AT&T may have committed perjury during the previous AT&T-BellSouth merger.
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Broadband providers argue that without a stay, they will suffer grave financial losses. "This is, in my judgment, government
Ex-lobbyist Tom Wheeler's courage in battling deep-pocketed corporations on competition, open Internet, privacy, the digital divide, and robocalls transformed him in my mind from oligarch apologist to American Avenger. That's why I'm so bummed he won't use his superpowers to fight the super PACs.
Wheeler's proposal aims to address some concerns, seeking comments on how best to ensure that those receiving financial support
WASHINGTON -- The Federal Communications Commission announced Tuesday that Verizon Wireless and Sprint Corporation will pay