Fifty years separate the events in the film and the headlines of 2014 and it feels as though little has changed.
Everything you need to know about this movie can be found in four little words: Pirates of the Caribbean. Everything that was wrong with that series of films is amplified in Lone Ranger.
As Sonny desperately struggles to build his dream by rebuilding the shambles of a hotel bequeathed to him by his father, the six retirees and one medical traveler all go their separate ways, each in search of something they may not know they're searching for.
Show me an environmentalist that "likes" Bob Lutz and I'll show you a gullible fool. Seriously, I'd love to know who he is talking about.
A General Motors corporate executive with a history of denying global warming went on a widely watched television show and pushed a thoroughly discredited theory on the science of climate change.
A top executive at GM, Bob Lutz, doesn't accept the role humans play in global warming. Incredibly, GM dispatched its Director of News Relations to defend both Mr. Lutz and the company's environmental policies by commenting here on the Huffington Post.