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Pennsylvania’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is facing criticism after issuing a graphic threat against Democratic incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf.
Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is really angry about attack ads against him.
The "Jeopardy!" host said he was "naive" and had "failed to recognize the seriousness of the event for the voters."
Evidence from Robert Mueller's investigation suggests Russian hackers might actually oblige.
Just seven states directly invest in programs designed to address shootings in cities. But that movement may be growing.
Gov. Tom Wolf plans to veto a highly restrictive abortion bill passed by the state's legislature.
In Pennsylvania, where King Coal once reigned, natural gas now rules.
Kane could face up to seven years in prison for leaking information to a reporter.
Several other states this week passed laws that could discriminate against transgender people.
"A heroin overdose at a high school is an extremely alarming event," Levine said. "It's very unusual." Levine said Wolf supports
May 1 (Reuters) - Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said on Friday the state will set up its own healthcare exchange if needed
Wolf's predecessor, former Gov. Tom Corbett (R), imposed an asset test on food stamp applicants in 2012 to cut down on "waste
The idea of having a wellness center placed in the heart of North Philadelphia had first come to Sister Mary Scullion, Executive Director of Project HOME, when civic leader Stephen Klein had approached her about building a community center.
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) nominated Kistler to fill a vacancy in the state Supreme Court two weeks ago. "Today, Judge