tomato sauce

Heirlooms, canned San Marzanos and cherry tomatoes all serve different purposes. So which should you use and when?
There's a time and a place for jarred tomato sauce. This is not it.
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7. Now cook the sauce for about 20 minutes. 8. Get a large pot and fill it with 5 litres of water. Put this on the stove
With today's emphasis on freshness, it would seem basic to assume that a fresh tomato is always better than a canned one. But what about when tomatoes are out of season? Or what about when making a pasta sauce or a marinara?
It is a real seasonal treat to use fresh tomatoes, either raw or cooked. But be sure to save one or two for slicing onto a tuna fish sandwich or a hamburger.
When it comes to summer produce -- zucchini, apricots and eggplant to name just a few -- we're pretty gratuitous with our
Of course, no food or diet can by itself prevent cancer. What maca and lycopene in tomatoes can do, as part of a healthy lifestyle, is help support your body's basic systems, boost your body's homeostasis, and help repair the destructive effects of aging.