Incident happened during the city's annual "Helldorado Days."
Since the Third Century, Christians have primarily buried their dead in churchyards and cemeteries owned by the parish or church that they attended. The Roman Catholic Church has therefore been in the "cemetery business" for over 1,700 years. I
It was seven years ago when I identified Fulmoth Kearney of Moneygall, Ireland as the most recent immigrant on the maternal side of Barack Obama's family tree. Inheriting land in Ohio from a brother, Fulmoth's father, Joseph, left Ireland for the United States in 1849.
Back in 2007, I researched then-candidate Barack Obama's roots and identified one of his third great-grandparents, Fulmoth Kearney of Ireland, as the most recent immigrant on his mother's side of the family.
If you’re trying to sell something, consider putting a tombstone in your ad. It might seem macabre, but a new study suggests
Smith explains that Zuckerman hoped to emulate Cooke's business model of "reputation racketeering" which used one web property
State Treasurer Dan Rutherford may be running last in the GOP gubernatorial primary race, according to the latest polls, but at least he's still running -- both in the race and on his treadmill.
"The gold standard here [for identifying a body] is visual identification by a family member," so the son's identification
We are all going to die, that is something no one can avoid. One of the things that make death so intimidating is that we never know when it is going to happen. Even though I am just afraid of death as everyone else, I do have one distinct advantage: I already know the date when I am going to die.
Like in "Stripes"? Well, I was actually never in "Stripes." Why not? What if I wanted to do something serious? I've heard
The old fixtures sparkled as it probably did before it was purchased and was show room tight.
The weeds, the vines, they are the only things alive in this half-acre tombstone. James Sheehan has been trying to kill them off for decades, but they keep coming back.
Several years ago, when I traced Barack Obama's roots to Moneygall in County Offaly, Ireland, I never imagined that he would visit his ancestral hometown as President, but on May 23rd, that's exactly what he's going to do.
Whether most journalists have been willing to see it or not, John McCain is not a statesman, nor has he ever been. He's a petulant bomb thrower. He's Simon Cowell in a suit.
A scorchingly hot summer has left Russia's vast population of bears without their traditional sources of food, leading the