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Comedian Tommy Chong is one of the world's most famous stoners. You'd assume that a guy who is that associated with marijuana
A who's who of Hollywood, music and politics gathered last night at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles to celebrate the life of Michael King, the much-beloved syndication king behind wildly successful shows passed away suddenly March 27 at age 67 from complications of pneumonia.
Scared Stoned with Tommy Chong from Funny Or Die Scaring people for fun is even better when they're baked. Actor and marijuana
The muck in question isn't even Democratic muck. It's purely conservative and Republican mudslinging, at a person who used to be put on a pretty tall pedestal in Republicanland: Sarah Palin.
Chong was convicted and sentenced to nine months in prison -- and it did absolutely nothing to stop him from being an advocate
At 76 years old, Chong is adding entrepreneur to his resume as he launches a namesake new line of medicinal marijuana called CHONG STAR and is also releasing Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipes which instantly rids clothes and hair of smoky smells from cigars, cigarettes and cannabis.
"My favorite writers were always real personal writers. I loved Jackson Browne's early stuff and John Lennon's stuff where you thought he was singing about you when he sang "Help," but he was really singing about himself."
(h/t: John Berman) More laugher. A little silence. Yep, it was just as painfully awkward as you'd imagine: CNN's John Berman
Watch Tommy Chong's full interview with TMZ here. In a brutally honest radio interview on Matty P's Radio Happy Hour in June
Kelly Rowland at I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins also made an appearance
The first 4/20 weekend following historic marijuana legalization votes in Washington and Colorado is just a week away.
It is investigations such as Operation Pipe Dream that gives proof to the fact that our current drug laws are not only antiquated, but a direct attack on our nation's inhabitants.
When asked whether the images of Bieber possibly smoking a joint might damage the singer's image, Chong brushed off the thought
"The truth is, most potheads feel like it's legal anyway," he added to NPR. "That's where there's so many of us getting arrested
CHECK OUT THIS SLIDESHOW OF CHEECH & CHONG “I wish Tommy all the best," Marin wrote in an email to The Huffington Post on
Chong and his on-screen partner Cheech Marin are the original stoner duo, best known for their big screen adventure "Up In
Story comes courtesy of LA Weekly The event aims to protest both a proposed L.A. city ban on medical marijuana dispensaries