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"Picture a child bride," the singer said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.
Darnell will miss a few of the La Mama performances to play a few Kid Creole gigs this summer in England, Italy, France and
The former Sony Music executive said he wanted to tell a "very important story about people who are the backbone and the spine of this country.”
Jersey Boys has pried open Pandora's box revealing a bit of the mob's considerable influence over the development of rock and roll and the upcoming HBO series on the '70s musical scene, with the involvement of Scorsese and Mick Jagger, should create further interest.
Tommy Mottola is a legend in the music industry. Now he's told the story of his life in Hitmaker. I spoke with him about where the industry is heading, and which Swedish man is responsible for the last pop song you hummed to.
"My feeling was that there’d be plenty of time for Mariah to celebrate just a little ways down the road," the 63-year-old
Luden's cough drops is doing its part to try to resurrect the genre. The 130-year-old company recently launched a jingle
Tommy Mottola, the co-owner of Casablanca Records and former chairman and chief executive of Sony Music Entertainment, recently
Michael Jackson was a desperate man in pain and everyone threw stones at him. Now it's fashionable to be a fan.
You may not know Alan Livingston, who died on Friday at age 91, by name. But if you know anything about 20th century popular culture, you know his work.