Tommy Tuberville

The Alabama Republican compared Black people to criminals when speaking out against the concept of reparations.
Sen. Tommy Tuberville said Democrats support reparations for enslaved people's descendants because "they think the people that do the crime are owed that."
A gap in official records raises the possibility that Donald Trump was using burner phones to speak to other officials the day of the Capitol riot.
House impeachment managers called for testimony from a House Republican who provided new information about Donald Trump's activity on Jan. 6. Democrats settled for a written statement instead.
Donald Trump knew Mike Pence was in danger when he attacked the vice president on Twitter during the Capitol riot.
A statement from Sen. Tommy Tuberville shows Trump turned his mob against Pence minutes after hearing his vice president had to be hustled from the Senate.
No one's buying Tommy Tuberville's weird excuse to refuse comment on conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.
The newly elected Alabama senator suggested delaying Joe Biden’s inauguration and got taken to task on Twitter.
The former Auburn University football team coach, now Alabama senator-elect, received a swift fact check after declaring "the election results are out of control."
Defeated Democratic Sen. Doug Jones could join a theoretical Biden administration.