Tommy Tuberville

New York City's homicide rates are actually lower than Alabama’s on a per capita basis.
In the span of three minutes, the GOP senator said he was “all for it,” didn’t agree with it, supports IVF and just needs to read the bill. (There is no bill.)
The Senate has unanimously confirmed 11 top-ranking military officers.
The Republican senator said that former President Donald Trump should have been "even tougher" when talking about migrants.
The promotions came after Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama ended a monthslong blockade of nominations over his opposition to a Pentagon abortion policy.
The Alabama senator’s complaint gets turned against him.
“If this continues, this is one of the worst self-inflicted wounds in 20 years. We’re taking the military and throwing it in the ditch,” warned Sen. Lindsey Graham.
The Alabama senator ripped Democrats and the Biden administration as he continued his hold on military promotions Thursday.
The former Missouri Democratic senator shredded the Alabama Republican's decision-making, saying it was "just amazing."