Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman “Superb. Just the thing for the literate fantasy lover and the student of comparative religion
At that point, I was moved to share one of my favorite sayings with her: "Things don't change, we do. With that in mind, always remember, wherever you go, there you are!"
I think in turning 40, perhaps it is forcing me to take a step back. Not to look at 40 years that have passed, but rather 14,600 days that have passed -- 14,600 days to make myself either a better person, a worse person or a person that can make a difference in someone else's life.
And if I was planning an exotic trip, the expectation of a great time in a foreign country would probably distract me from realizing that I could be spending every day in that state of happiness while at home. Life is a funny thing. You usually keep looking far away for things that you could have right next to you.
Tomorrow is not certain for many people in line and some of us were already high. He knew his call would be a surprise. Carpe
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If we learned anything from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, it's that when America's favorite anchors ask their audience to jump, the audience immediately launches itself into the air as one, and worries about the purpose of that great leap later.
It's not hard to see how a movie like Main Street got made, at least in theory. Why it's being released is another question altogether.
So Annie, stick out your chin and grin. Herbert Hoover, The New Deal, The Great Depression, hope, orphanages and overcoming obstacles will become subjects of conversation again.
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