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"It was such a random moment, and it led to a picture that we couldn't have planned if we'd tried." No matter how good a
So, as we imagine what it means to design Brands for Humans, let's bring our courage, our sense of wonder, our empathy, a
EllieFunDay is an organic baby blanket and accessories company that helps provide fair and dignified employment to victims
Today, corporates go further and it's all about shared value where a business aligns the core of its operations to do good
Rareform "approached me. They'd seen 'It's Not Warming It's Dying' ... They called and said they had this program where they
Dancer Concrete Design has grown revenues by 70 percent a year for the last four years through an aggressive focus on positively touching the lives of everyone.
When striving to create an amazing company culture, leaders must realize that the culture is co-created with the people. And the employees need to take ownership for their own engagement and happiness at work.
Sugata Mitra who has questioned the whole system of traditional education based on his "hole-in-the-wall" experiment. He
Hats are back, and they are cool again. The source, at least in sunny climes around the world, is the Greenpacha Panama hat company, and the person responsible for Greenpacha is Florencia Gomez Gerbi, a cheerfully serious 33-year-old Argentine San Diegan.
Making money is not enough for this big apparel company. It wants to do good -- and help startups with similar missions.
The urgency is now, but we have reason to be optimistic. Communities and entrepreneurs have come up with simple solutions to many of the tough challenges that people face.
What images come to mind when you think of Tom's? Perhaps it's an image of the fashionable espadrille, but for me at least, it's an image from one of their marketing campaigns: a group of Tom's employees walking towards the camera in an impoverished community with gifts in hand--the gift of shoes.
As I was walking past one of the Haitian workers here in Santo Domingo, I looked down and noticed his shoes. There wasn't anything too strange about his TOMS shoe except that there was just one. Yeah, one.
One of the toughest obstacles new designers face is how to successfully market their label so that it produces a sustainable profit, allowing them to survive in the saturated marketplace.
To help change these statistics, the "Chief Shoe Giver" is continuing the conversation about paternity leave in today's work
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Millennials are on track to spend $200 billion per year starting in 2017. One of the many things that sets this generation