Toni Preckwinkle

Lightfoot, who is openly gay, won Tuesday’s runoff in Chicago against Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.
Political outsider Lori Lightfoot, who was a federal prosecutor in northern Illinois, and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle were the top two vote-getters.
Chicago's young people deserve more than a pittance - aldermen owe them serious introspection. It's time to admit the city's approach has failed - and it's time the men and women running Chicago step up with new solutions.
Forget about it−that it that is those burly security guards barring access to that VIP room where Rahm Emanuel sits. He's the one with no secure access. That's because his fate rests in the hands of two women ensconced there for the foreseeable future
Now imagine if there were a political edition of the show. There'd probably be no better state to have the show set in than
But people are stressing and straining to keep up with the necessities of life and it's going a bit too far to tax everyday people trying to find escape in something as simple as bowling with friends or watching a good show on cable.
"This is not how one rebounds from a three-year recession."
Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek looked at five new or increased taxes Illinois and Chicago residents could be subjected to by the end of the summer.
At a time when so many Americans need so much from their government, American women who care are finding it really tough to win executive office.
A day after two polls indicated she would defeat Rahm Emanuel if an election were held now, an individual seen by many as
Twenty-eight percent of respondents to the poll of 724 likely voters, which was conducted using robocalls and has a margin
The kids are dying. That's what they call Chicago: "Chiraq." The situation has to change; the community has to rebuild.
With news of another group looking at fixing our transit oversight in Illinois, we wonder what will be the legacy of the Metra Memogate? What will we have accomplished?
Peacemaking circles, a cornerstone tool of the restorative justice movement, bring together victims and perpetrators, estranged or upset family members -- and on a weekly basis at The Center, members of opposing gangs.
A tiny white nun with glasses and grey hair, Donna rolls down her window to wave to everyone she passes on the street, from heavily armed police patrols to clusters of men she knows to be gang members.
Huggins said he hosted the Wrigley event for Preckwinkle and invited Wiggins, Metra board chairman Brad O'Halloran and Stanley
7. After flirting with running for Attorney General, House Republican Leader Tom Cross finds he will face competition for
Preckwinkle previously called the closure plan "very disturbing," telling CBS Chicago at the time: “What was the point of
The Sun-Times reports several gun store owners have argued the tax is a violation on their Second Amendment rights and have