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You know how they say “no news is good news”? Well, all this news is bad news. 1. Kim Jong Un has labeled Donald Trump ‘deranged
I recognize Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, inherited a dog's breakfast from the odious Tony Abbott, his predecessor. But, at some point, Turnbull has to stand up for the libertarian principles he espouses -- damn the conservatives in his government who want to stand in the way.
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The country has had five prime ministers in five years.
Tony Abbott has lost the prime ministership after just two years in the job.
Malcolm Turnbull becomes Australia's fourth prime minister in just over two years.
Some Jewish leaders have been angered by the comparison.
All of this local climate leadership in the ACT Assembly is incredibly ironic given the climate craziness playing out just a stone's throw up the road at Parliament House.
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"We have been subjected to extravagance from climate catastrophists for close to 50 years." "This is not about facts or logic
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If Abbott is removed, he would be the third prime minister to lose their job in a party-room mutiny since 2010. (Additional
Utility vs. Solar battle gets uglier; Galapagos declares emergency over grounded ship... PLUS: Wind pattern behind California's drought also struck at ocean food chain... and much, MUCH more!
One man charged the terrorist. Tori Johnson was 34. He managed the Lindt Chocolate Café for two years. Employees and customers all said he was a good man, a kind man. He was also a gay man.
On the heels of the UN-sponsored climate talks in Lima, there are some lessons learned worth assessing. This superb analysis