tony blinken

“There is no doubt that our ability to wave the banner of democracy and human rights to some extent has been tarnished by recent events," Antony Blinken said.
"What’s made us different is our willingness, our ability to confront these challenges with full transparency," the secretary of state said.
The Senate voted 78-22 to approve Blinken.
In a moving speech, the secretary of state designate explained how his Jewish family came to view the U.S. as “the last best hope on earth.”
The president-elect will reportedly tap the longtime adviser to helm the troubled State Department, where he previously served in the second-highest job.
Blinken, now the Obama White House deputy national security adviser, will likely have a full plate of responsibilities once
"Unfortunately, every day there is going to be in some part of Iraq or some part of Syria, a community that is under siege
On Sunday, Wallace showed Blinken a clip of Obama speaking to the United Nations in 2013, declaring that al Qaeda had essentially
A top White House aide says it's possible that Russia could invade eastern Ukraine, and even U.S. military assistance would be unlikely to prevent it.
Rogers said Putin had shown an "expansionist attitude" and that the United States should not underestimate "the kinds of