Tony Dungy

Viewers hit the former NFL head coach hard for his "incredibly distasteful" take on the Cowboy quarterback's injury.
Former Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy challenged them to chip in with his own contribution.
"Without that national anthem [protest], someone would have signed him by now."
I've seen a little too much insistence this week, online and on social media, that Michael Sam's being cut from the Dallas Cowboys' practice squad had nothing to do with his being gay. It's a bit overwrought and defensive. A lot of fans seem to want to believe the NFL is not a homophobic institution.
Last week the New York Giants announced the hiring of former Super Bowl hero and anti-same-sex-marriage advocate David Tyree to a front office job, where he is directly responsible for the development of player's careers.
At what point will drafting an openly gay player no longer be described as risky because of the alleged distraction?
How exactly is a homophobe supposed to carry out the job of director of player development? How is a gay player on the Giants supposed to react to this if he is thinking about coming out or is experiencing anti-gay harassment on the team?
Dungy then appeared on "The Dan Patrick Radio Show" on Wednesday and was asked about Sam, his support for Vick and the significance
Dungy is right. The first openly gay football player being drafted into the NFL has garnered, and will undoubtedly continue to capture, quite a bit of media attention -- that's where Dungy starts being right. That's also coincidentally where he stops being right.
Tony Dungy was a successful NFL head coach who many people think was passed over for some jobs because of his race. Now, Dungy is saying that he would pass over Michael Sam because of his sexuality.
Yesterday I came across your comments regarding Michael Sam and how you would not have drafted him because you "wouldn't want to deal with all of it." Why would you not want your players to be themselves?
In an interview published Sunday in the Tampa Bay Tribune, Dungy didn't mince words when it came to discussing Sam, a defensive
I had a chance to catch up with Tony Dungy to get some insight on the motivation behind Uncommon Marriage, the keys to the endurance of his own marriage, and how life has been after coaching in the NFL.
Ken Tarr reached out to us first. Without any prompting, this was the email we received from him yesterday: Read more on
The highest honor conferred on an individual by the NCAA is the Theodore Roosevelt Award. This award is given to a distinguished citizen of national reputation and outstanding accomplishment who also excelled as a student-athlete participating in NCAA competition. This year the award went to Tony Dungy.
Is Peyton Manning afraid of the unknown? Is he afraid of facing new defensive strategies? Are we supposed to honor him as the greatest quarterback of all-time because he chooses to play against most of the teams he has met before?
America needs more voices like Plaxico's speaking on behalf of sensible gun laws and sensible behavior around guns.
FOR A LOT of people who have interviewed Michael Vick in the 2 years since he finished his federal prison term and began