Tony Evers

The flag flap erupted after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers ordered the raising of the flag to recognize June as "Pride Month."
One measure addresses an extremely rare scenario that Gov. Tony Evers says is covered by existing protections.
The ruling stems from an ongoing battle over legislation that GOP lawmakers and Republican Gov. Scott Walker passed during a lame-duck session.
Evers is the third governor this month to reject President Trump's claim of an immigration crisis.
Gov. Tony Evers' proposal would require approval from the state's Republican-controlled Legislature, which has expressed opposition.
The outgoing Republican governor of Wisconsin said he's still considering the bills, but he indicated that he doesn't think they're all that bad.
When a party loses power in a state, there’s often a last-ditch effort to pass priority legislation. What’s happening now is different, experts say.
The Wisconsin governor-elect wants Scott Walker to veto "hot mess" legislation curbing his power.
Scott Walker has 10 days after the bills are delivered to him to either sign them into law or veto them.
Republicans in Wisconsin may have lost the governor’s mansion, but the GOP-controlled legislature is doing everything it can to limit the role of incoming governor-elect Tony Evers.
The incoming Democratic governor will make a personal appeal to his once-rival, Republican Governor Scott Walker.
Democrats say Republicans are executing a naked partisan power grab to kneecap their incoming governor and attorney general.
Gov.-elect Tony Evers (D) is facing a nearly impossible fight to deliver on some of his campaign promises.
Governor-elect Tony Evers (D) was planning to dump new limits on benefit programs, so GOP legislators locked them in while they still had the chance.
Republicans are subverting the will of the electorate in Wisconsin. The outgoing speaker of the House, a Wisconsin Republican, is staying mum.
Members of the public testified against the measures at a sometimes raucous hearing that ran deep into the night Monday.
It will allow outgoing Republican Gov. Scott Walker to make one last major mark on the state’s political landscape.
Some of the steps Republicans are expected to take will almost surely be challenged in court.
Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers defeated Walker Tuesday night, in the fourth Democratic attempt to do so.