Tony Gilroy

"Beirut" aims to profit from Lebanon's deadly civil war, but it doesn't tell any Lebanese truths.
Focus works hard and does manage to generate entertainment. But, the strain shows, and the creative team (also responsible for writing Bad Santa and I Love You Philip Morris) can't seem to blend wit with plot complexity. 
In depicting the world of local TV news in Los Angeles, Gilroy has created a kinetic joyride that surfs a giddy wave of dark wit and intelligence.
Tony Gilroy made an appearance this week at The Picture House Film Club in Pelham, NY, where we screened Nightcrawler, which he produced for his brother Dan Gilroy, who wrote and directed.
Those remarks are in some contrast to what Damon said last year, when if he thought "The Bourne Legacy" would negatively
If we did learn that U.S. governmental agencies were using science and sorcery to make super-soldiers for wet-work, would any of us really be surprised? Does anyone think that something along the lines of Treadstone or Blackbriar doesn't currently go on?
The actual Bourne legacy is that what was always intended to be a trilogy was so successful that it compelled Universal to find some way to continue the franchise without star Matt Damon.
The studio tried to figure out how to make a Bourne movie without Bourne, but could it feel like anything other than a cynical attempt to squeeze more dollars from a finished franchise?
What happens as the film goes on in is best left for viewing by Bourne aficionados. The script is thin, but the acting, cinematography and direction make up for this loss. This is worth seeing even by the naysayers.
Tony Gilroy is the smartest, most intriguing screenwriter since William Goldman was in his heyday. He comes through again with The Bourne Legacy.
What were the challenges in coming up with the problem? I've heard you say in the past that the amnesia aspect of Jason Bourne
The full trailer for Universal's upcoming "Bourne" series spin-off -- with Jeremy Renner replacing star Matt Damon, but not
Renner's not all hard-shelled exterior, though. In November 2011, he told Details that dating was "difficult," and that "right
Tony Gilroy wrote and directed "Legacy," which might explain why the shaky-cam aesthetic has been dropped in favor of a more
Believe it or not, in a pop culture filled with mindless reality shows and slick formula franchises, there are still a few players out there whose work offers a glimmer of hope that originality and intelligence can prevail. Tilda Swinton is one such player.
Julia Roberts and Clive Owen worked the red carpet at Tuesday's London premiere for their upcoming movie "Duplicity." The
Also nominated: Cate Blanchett in "I'm Not There" I hear this was a remarkable performance, and I'm betting she'll win the
BEST ANIMATED FEATURE OF THE YEAR: Ratatouille: This was pretty close to my favorite movie of the year. It's hard to talk about unhyperbolically -- it's simply magical.