Tony Goldwyn

"I thought it was my fault. I thought I was misunderstanding the situation.”
At the much celebrated New York Theatre Workshop production of Othello, Andrew Lieberman's austere set looks like the inside
"I am such a nasty woman. And one day, you can be one too."
A conversation with Shonda Rhimes challenged the actor's thoughts on Olivia Pope's tough decision.
For Roxy this meant a return to her show biz roots switching college majors twice, first from physics and math and second
Influenced by the works of John Dos Passos, Luc Sante's Low Life, Jack Black's You Can't Win and Hemingway's For Sale Baby Shoes Never Worn, the multi-faceted author Liz Goldwyn was inspired by literature that "blurred the lines between fact and fiction."
Who Do You Think You Are?, the popular celebrity roots show, is finally back on Sunday, March 8th at 10/9c on TLC. Kicking off the season is Julie Chen who ventures to China (a first for the series) and rediscovers the grandfather she thought she knew.
We are beginning to see glimmers of hope that this deadly virus can be stopped, but much work remains to be done. It is time now for Americans, as individuals, to step up and show their compassion for the people of West Africa.
Josh Malina, who was also in the cast of "The West Wing," is one of the few in Hollywood that is outspoken in their support for Israel.
Even though we love to hate the adulterous relationship between "Scandal's" Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant
"None of us are safe," Goldwyn told The Hollywood Reporter. "It just gets more intense from here." ABC's "Scandal" has never
Maybe there's enough dystopian teen book/movie money to go around, but not for a movie as nonsensical, poorly written, and dull as Divergent, which clocks in at a punishing, baffling 140 minutes.