Tony Horton

Fitness guru Tony Horton has inspired and motivated millions of people to get and stay fit. In this interview, the creator of the P90X reveals his favorite Olympic sport, dishes on his cheat foods, and shares a 5-minute workout.
Here's your chance to make up for all that pumpkin pie you've been eating! Tony Horton takes Shira and Alex Wassabi through
What happens to our bodies as we age is no fun to think about. Depending on your lifestyle, things can really start falling apart physically after only 30 or 35 years on this planet. Next thing you know you're staring down the barrel of the big Five 'Oh No.'
Beat bloat with this calming yoga sequence to relax your mind and give that belly some support. You'll feel better in no
Even if you're not a SoulCycle regular, chances are you've taken at least one indoor cycling class. Take your experience
There are hundreds of wonderful sites on healthy living to be seen all over the blogosphere. Here at Fit Links, we'll introduce
Legendary fitness personality Tony Horton, creator of P90X, has said before that he never tires of hearing from fans. Good
Because LGBT people keep pressing play in the wider society, marriage rights have been granted in places like Utah and New Mexico.
I'll have my usual steel-cut oatmeal with water, blackberries and blueberries -– no salt, no sugar. And then I'll probably
Friday, June 8 Sharon Needles at Town America's Next Drag Superstar is participating in a not officially part of Capital
There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but how you look is just part of the bigger picture of your overall wellbeing.
The issues and drama of the past will fade because you had the courage to make consistent fitness and healthy food a priority.
The real issue for most Americas isn't the type of diet, but the quality of their diet. Processed junk loaded with fat, sugar, salt and chemicals doesn't satisfy you nutritionally ...
Coffee and wine drinkers hate this argument and fight tooth and nail to protect their use. Here's how I feel about both.
Some names are just synonymous with Spandex (go on, just try to picture Richard Simmons wearing anything but short-shorts
For the past 30 days, my girlfriend Michele and I have committed ourselves to the program. You really get to know your partner well when you're writhing on the ground, cursing at a workout video.