Tony Levin

A Conversation with Jake Shimabukuro Mike Ragogna: Jake, you are a world-renowned Ukulele player, which, of course, is an
"You ask the average person what a bass is, or what a bass sounds like, and most of the time, they don't know. But remove the bass from any piece of music and suddenly it becomes the largest missing piece in the world!
You can buy the album Amazon as well. I recently sat down with Marco to talk about his new album EEPS, among other subjects
Rating: 5/5. Lost in all of the hubbub of the excellent new Dream Theater album is the new LMR project, a fascinating pastiche
I recently sat down Jordan Rudess in Las Vegas before the Vegas Rocks! show. Yes, Rudess is primarily known as the multi
With regards to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, is it easy or hard for Gene Simmons to transform himself from an everyday person into a savior of rock 'n' roll?