tony perkins

Tony Perkins said children need to be taught about God so they don't turn into murderers.
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, praised Trump's hardline stance on immigration.
Self-loathing men in power counted on the media keeping their secret. For some, those days may be over.
He admitted to molesting his sisters and now he's seeking to join their breach-of-privacy suit.
Have you ever had to put a dog to sleep? A cat? A pet? Then A Dog's Purpose is for you. And a box of Kleenex. A dog's love
Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins say they don't care about Trump's latest controversy.
It's almost as if the Religious Right cares more about gaining political power than defending Christian teachings.
Every time there is a natural disaster I hold my breath, waiting for religious people to give their theological opinions - which in the long run are really no more than political ideology dressed in theological garb.
Tony Perkins' home was nearly destroyed in Baton Rouge floods.
If any Democrat's wife or daughter had naked photos released, let alone naked pictures with another women, pretty much all