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The NFL star has been posting some amazing videos on Instagram.
Because you can't start the NFL season without some crazy.
The injury was eerily similar to the one in Week 2 against Philadelphia.
Imagine now if Jerry Jones had turned in the slip of paper for the 16th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft with Johnny Manziel instead of Zack Martin. The Cowboys have depth on their offensive line, something they obviously don't have at quarterback.
Even after getting sacked five times, Tom Brady is a determined quarterback whose only end goal is getting the win. That's the mantra this season for a player that is hell-bent on proving to the world that he is deserving of his four championship rings, and on his way to getting one more.
He's going to miss serious time.
Tony Romo says Greg Hardy deserves a second chance.
We should not disparage what was a quality season for the Cowboys -- including just their second playoff win in six years -- but it's hard not to ask, "What if?"
Murray started the 2014 season like gangbusters as the Cowboys transformed into a rushing team after running the ball 36.4
Tony Romo is not going to win the NFL MVP this season, that much is clear. There are too many other great quarterbacks having monstrous seasons: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck, to name a few. And his teammate in the Dallas Cowboys backfield, running back DeMarco Murray, is firmly in the conversation as well. But at 34 years young, Romo, fresh off his second serious back surgery, is enjoying the best season of his illustrious (if highly criticized) career, and he has most definitely earned the right to be at least in the conversation about MVPs and elite quarterbacks.
Not a single "Romo hater" has a legitimate reason for their position in my opinion. Sure, you haven't won a Super Bowl, but I highly doubt than any other quarterback would have won a ring on those teams.
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