Tony Schwartz author

Four years ago, Tony Schwartz predicted with chilling precision how a furious Trump would respond to the humiliation of an election loss.
Tony Schwartz said the president feels "unbearably diminished by the country's lack of acceptance of his dominance."
Tony Schwartz, who co-wrote "The Art Of The Deal" in 1987, said he refuses to work on the president's memoirs.
Tony Schwartz said that in all the years he's known Trump, he's not once felt more frightened than he does now.
Tony Schwartz said it will be dominating the president's “consciousness for the vast majority of every waking day.”
Tony Schwartz said the screed was an "utterly desperate cry" and "pure projection" in a blistering Twitter thread.
By counting Trump's truths, "you could do it on one or two hands," said Tony Schwartz. "And they were accidental."
Tony Schwartz said that with Trump, it's "always, always" about this one thing.
Tony Schwartz has taken full credit for penning the book, saying Trump is “incapable of reading a book, much less writing one.”