tony shalhoub

The actor brought back his "Monk" character for a lockdown comedy bit, then described the harsh reality he and his wife Brooke Adams have faced.
Viewers expect a nightly dose of Colbert no matter what.
The show is full of intensely individual moments of simple yearning and muted desperation, particularly from Erik Liberman
The source material--Eran Kolirin's 2007 film about an Egyptian Orchestra on an accidental overnight visit to a small Israeli
For all the news on New York City art and culture, visit ZEALnyc's Front Page. It's that time of year. Summer music festivals
Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a nurse on PBS's Mercy Street, which unfortunately proves insufficient to resuscitate CBS's new BrainDead.
"BrainDead" takes some pages from "The Good Wife" and others from sci-fi.
The former "Monk" star returns to TV in the upcoming political comedy thriller.
Money has always been a complete mystery to me. When I worked as a waitress in my teens I felt just as rich with the cash in my pocket from tips as I felt earning serious money for the mini-series 'Lace' when I was in my 30s.
Huffington Post has been incredibly supportive. Brooke writes a blog and they post it with a link to a new episode of the Web Series. We use social media to promote the Blog and the newly posted episode. We aren't looking for money. We want to build an audience so this seemed an ideal start.