tony the tiger

If you'd like to ask Tony to "please frost my flakes, daddy," you're going have to send him a letter now like everyone else.
The director of viral Tony the Tiger prank videos allegedly kidnapped Ronald McDonald in 2010.
WARNING: The video contains language and scenes some may find distasteful.
10. Stores will hook you by letting you touch things before you buy IHOP recently realized that it could do better when it
After all these years ... do you actually know the head Keebler elf's real name?
Lee Marshall, one of the men behind the voice of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger, has died at age 64.
Marshall is survived by his wife, son, stepdaughter and granddaughter. (Story continues below.) “It’s really looking for
Tony is a tiger happily promoting Frosted Flakes and growling at the same time. It makes no sense.
Only 21 of the United States fully ban the private ownership of big cats, a peculiar fact when you consider that even domestic pet owners who knowingly possess dangerous animals subject themselves to legal liability.
After seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I felt a little like the boy who cried wolf.
As the fourth convergence of Advertising Week begins in New York this week, what seems to be Topic A? The flight of ad dollars