too fat to fly

After cutting the onion in half and chopping off the bloom, Dickerson follows the "ribs" of the onion, cutting straight down
Asked why Chenais was able to fly in on the airline, but not back out, the representative declined to comment, citing customer
"To the degree that passengers lose weight and therefore reduce fares, the savings that result are net benefits to the passengers
Kenlie Tiggeman talks with HuffPost Live Host Nancy Redd about suing Southwest Airlines after being turned away from a flight for being 'too fat'.
Vilma's husband, Janos, has filed a $6 million lawsuit against KLM and Delta, claiming that his wife was forced off the flights
Should the sizeable be forced to spend more if they can't wiggle into a standard-size coach seat?
So far, only two as-yet-unidentified American airlines have expressed interest in the extra-wide seats, and there is likely
More than six decades ago, when the federal standards on the strength of airplane seats and seat belts were written, government
Southwest's "Customer of Size" policy states that passengers who cannot fit between the 17-inch armrests must purchase a
The court cited the Montreal Convention in the case, which governs air travel rules. English lawyer Daniel Barnett explains
How is this happening again? Southwest is landing in hot water after they told a passenger that she was "too fat to fly." During