tooth fairy

Yet another thing that keeps parents up at night.
"We have detected more than trace amounts of Fanta and residual amounts of both cereal and chocolate."
Six-year-old Willow is on track to lose her first tooth soon.
I am all done moonlighting as an ivory collector.
I keep wondering, in what seems the new, emperor’s-new-clothes-like surreality: where have all the grown-ups gone? Where
The Tooth Fairy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, citing a number of missteps that led to her financial demise.
So anyway, thanks for the reminder note, but at the same time, lay off with the shade you're throwing. I'm doing my best
My son and daughter are both grown up now, successful adults with jobs and lives of their own. I suspect the reason I have kept their old teeth all these years is that every night the Tooth Fairy paid my kids a visit wasn't only a magical experience. For them, it was also a practical learning experience.
Some of the most common questions I get as a dentist have to do with deciduous teeth: When do they come in? When should parents brush them? What about flossing? I thought it might be helpful if I answered some of these questions. So here you go: everything you need to know about baby teeth.
No matter how you may have lost your teeth, just remember that you've got a few different options when it comes to replacing
There are so many awesome things about being a mom. This is just a little glimpse into the last week of my life and the reasons I wake up every morning with so much hope. Maybe this will be the day motherhood pays off. Maybe this will be the day that I figure it all out. Only to lay in bed again at night deflated. Today is not that day.