top gun

Kilmer says he was just trying to break the ice... Iceman-style.
In a rare on-camera interview with "Good Morning America," the "Top Gun: Maverick" star also recalled his on-set reunion with Tom Cruise.
His Maverick is as defiant as ever in the latest preview for the sequel.
The actress, who starred as Tom Cruise’s girlfriend in the 1986 original, says she feels "absolutely secure in my skin."
The actor and his aviators are back in the sequel to the classic 1986 action film.
The need for speed apparently wasn't so urgent for Tom Cruise and crew.
It seems production has begun, sending us back into the danger zone.
"Dan, I like you. This is... not a good ad. Fire whoever thought it was."
"So I guess Trump's speechwriter forgot to mention that 'Top Gun' is a Navy movie?"
It's the '80s movie montage we desperately need right now.