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“I’m not giving any designer or magazine brownie points for promoting heroin chic over the past several decades and then cashing in on a girl with hips."
“Belinda Baidoo Model Search Africa" recently wrapped up its first season.
“I’m really at a point where I can say I am very proud to be transgender.”
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After receiving the title "Hippie Hannah" from none other than the queen of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, Hannah has embraced her nickname for what it represents. She passionately promotes global awareness and sustainable lifestyle practices through food, fitness and the arts.
Ladies and gentleman, this is how it's done.
Get ready to smize, guys.
My understanding of the models and their attributes is still very shallow, but the "ANTM" editing process is nothing if not transparent, so excuse me as I pass judgment on these girls and speculate on their assorted fates.
So the women are just as catty as ever, but what about the judges? Cycle 19 has already gotten tons of buzz over its wholly