top party school

Time to commence a predictable cycle of these party school rankings.
This is when you need a red Solo cup emoji.
The University of Pennsylvania was named the top party school in the nation by Playboy magazine on Monday, making that the first time we can recall an Ivy League university claimed such a title.
As Playboy notes, UPenn does have an above and below ground Greek scene where bros make shopping trips to get 174 bottles
Nearly all of the arrests by the Tempe, Arizona task force were for DUIs or underaged drinking. One incident involved partiers
2015: Syracuse University 2014: University of Iowa 2013: West Virginia University 2012: Ohio University 2011: University
Iowa held on to a high ranking following their first time on top in a year that featured a viral sensation around "Vodka
Most of the drug-related charges are incurred around the residence halls and fraternity housing in Iowa City, while the alcohol
"The vast majority of our students have expressed concerns to me about the reputational damage that one student can do to
The university wasn't happy about the high ranking on the lists and insisted they've made strides to tame binge drinking