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NASA received a $1.3 billion boost in funding earlier this month, but included in the budget was a mandate that NASA spend $55 million to produce a deep space habitat prototype by 2018.
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The winter of 2014-15 brought a season of change to the skiing and snowboarding world. More accurately, much of the news involved ownership shifts and agreements that would signal changes for the seasons to come.
Marco Rubio has book some event space for an undisclosed location - Alyona speculates whether or not it’s to announce his presidential run.
A new "religious freedom" law in Indiana touched off a firestorm of criticism across the country Friday, after opponents warned that it could lead to legal discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in the state's business establishments.
John Yoo, author of the torture memo, has come forward with his own views on the rectal feeding of detainees.
"Jordan told me the other day that she felt Dukey's purpose was to love and inspire and she’s thrilled that he is still doing
Investigative reporter Joshua Kors interviewed Phelps in 2010 and asked him about his own death: He also revealed Fred Phelps
Warning: The following details are graphic. "Somebody hurt 'em," Webb said to Bonds. "I'm supposed to protect my kids." Webb
Chris Emdin and Ellie Williams join HuffPost Live to explain why American students' biggest problem is their schools.
“While average U.S. scores were not measurably different from any previous PISA administration, some other countries have
The note said... — elan gale (@theyearofelan) November 28, 2013 I have delivered the note — elan gale (@theyearofelan) November
3. The CEO makes a reasonable salary. Costco's CEO makes far less than most executives, with a total compensation package
Once she decided she could not respond with violence, Yousafzai thought about what she would say to a terrorist. Jon Stewart
Some folks seem to get into a customer service Battle Royale every time they step outside their house. Maybe it's because the universe is against you guys. Or maybe -- just maybe -- it's because you behave like selfish obnoxious bullies.
The locked, converted garage that 31-year-old Walter Renard Jones allegedly forced the men to live in had no beds, no bathroom
UPDATE: The four women were living in the other side of the converted duplex in apparently normal conditions, investigators
"Let us shield ourselves with unity and togetherness." "This is what my soul is telling me: Be peaceful and love everyone
Speculation has mounted that Apple is preparing to launch an iWatch and CEO Tim Cook told a gathering of tech and media executives
(Hat tip, chinaSMACK via Hypervocal) LOOK: They remind us somewhat of the less playful, more functional "anti-rape" lingerie