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I'm a blogger, not a journalist. This is all stuff I would be doing over on Wordpress for free, but here I can hopefully inspire more people and a reach a broader audience with their platform. And I have.
The Porch survey illustrates there is much more to homeowner satisfaction than square footage and the number of bathrooms. Communities that offer benefits like highly ranked schools, low crime rates and short commutes have higher home values than surrounding neighborhoods.
If you are ever lucky enough to tour Tehran, you will not just like, but love, at least one (if not all) of these places.
If you find that you are not familiar with all of the top ten films I cite each year, don't panic. Don't curse. Don't accuse me of being elitist and I won't accuse you of being ignorant. A top ten film list should reflect exciting and unexpected developments in world cinema.
Just like blogging democratized op-eds, and Instagram democratized photography, list-making will expand beyond the hands of editors and reporters, and become a power of the people.
It might seem a bit early, but if you are in junior high or early high school, this is the perfect time to start to get familiar with the college application process. You do not get do-overs.
WATCH: Groban, who landed a role in the new Steve Carell/Ryan Gosling rom-com "Crazy Stupid Love" stopped by "The Late Show
If anyone knows about having a long and successful career, it's Betty White. At 89 she's still busy acting, writing books
Sotheby's New York, The Collection of Allan Stone: Volume I, 9 May 2011. Lot 9 John Chamberlain Nutcracker 1958 Est. $1.2
Will Ryman's "The Roses" (2011) on Park Avenue. Photo by Iwan Baan. Courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery It's certainly not always
This week, the Obama Administration released the first National Broadband Map which provides detailed information about how many Americans have high-speed Internet.
In a world without record stores, live shows fill the void, and the universal language of music is never more tangible than experienced from right in front of the stage at Fillmore, Coachella and the Greek, and this is what I listened to.
This past year saw many critics complaining about the lack of good film out there, but with a little digging, I found a lot to love.
9 - How to Handle a Facebook Frenemy Handling Facebook friends/lurkers who make them feel uncomfortable 10 - My Friend Suddenly
I was never a fan of scary movies because there are enough real scary things already out there! Below is a list of the top ten things that my colleagues and I are scared about this Halloween. Freddy Krueger's got nothing on these.
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The number one complaint I always got when I was on the air was the repetition. WHY do radio stations play the same songs over and over, until they're basically embedded into your genetic code?