Lawyer and LGBTQ rights advocate, Pedro Irigonegaray has consistently battled Fred Phelps in court throughout his career.
The woman who was at the center of Brown vs. Board of Education as a young girl has died, but Linda Brown’s legacy will live on.
The normally talkative woman was speechless after the last Kansas legislative session. The typically productive writer, deflated by the antics that occurred in her hometown of Topeka, was stuck about how to characterize the dismal politics of her adopted state.
What city in Kansas has passed three LGBT inclusive ordinances in the last 8 months, put on a nationally recognized TDOR event, has a church that declared support for marriage equality, is getting ready to have a Pride Prom, and is planning a Pride Parade & Picnic for September?
There were two political stampedes this week, both towards and then back away from the same man: rancher Cliven Bundy. So, at least for the spectators, it was an amusing week in politics.
From the start, Fred had near-zero support for his particular brand of homophobia. He hated "fags" and "fag-lovers" and Kansans hated Fred. No one asks why we hated Fred. It's obvious. But I've always felt uneasy with the simplicity of our hatred.
Below, you can see shots from our readers in Kansas and Missouri, two of the hardest hit states. To submit your own photo
In Sept. 2009, Dimmick was leading authorities in a chase that ended with Dimmick crashing a stolen vehicle in the Rowleys
She told me I would never escape the label of a battered woman. We hung up that afternoon and never spoke again.
Does a housing market with average prices below $70,000 sound too good to be true? In the midst of the housing crisis, a
Pastor Fred Phelps led the congregation that gained notoriety in recent years for picketing the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spoke with me about hell, homosexuality, and the Supreme Court.
Are you wondering: Why does Google say Topeka? Google explained the prank on its official blog: Google replaced the multi
For April Fools' 2010, Google has gone Topeka. Google explained the prank on its official blog: At the bidding of its mayor