Some fans were concerned that the singer's revealing photos were being shared without her consent.
The "Riverdale" star shared a photo of herself seemingly nude on Instagram in a poor attempt to drive people's attention to the police killing of Breonna Taylor.
Fun Fact: The group behind the song is an E.T-worshiping cult.
France's Elle Magazine asks why french women are no longer going topless on the beach.
Controversy continues after a video of an Olympic Lebanese skier posing topless for a photo shoot has resurfaced on the Internet.
2013-12-10-ScreenShot20131209at9.40.05PM.pngA woman going bare-breasted will draw more stares than a man doing the same, but why? Why is a woman's nipple so controversial?
Remember when "Newsroom" star Alison Pill accidentally tweeted a nude topless photo of herself to the whole, wide Internet? Well, apparently it all boiled down to a BlackBerry snafu.