"If I don’t like the practices of Google, I can go to Bing... But if I don’t like the practice of my network provider, I’m out of luck."
At Stonehenge, we kicked things off with some private time (as our filming permission required us to arrive very early). We
Being safer online isn't as hard as you might think.
Americans are being spied on, but does anyone care?
I've got to be connected -- we all do today. And I've always loved tech -- particularly the helpful kind built by entrepreneurs who respect and honor their customers.
If you want a truly anonymous life, then maybe it's time you learned about Tor, CSpace and ZRTP.
You would think that cookies and technology together would make the most awesome partners since chocolate and peanut butter, right? If only...say it ain't so!
Each week, the HuffPost Code team meets to discuss the latest tech news and interview special guests for the Floating Points
When Snowden was photographed last summer with a sticker on his laptop supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital