A. I'm so glad you picked up on that. I do see a surprising trend here--the rise of Judaism in Africa. There is what is called
The Torah commentaries also praise peace much more than they praise war. In the rabbinic tradition, war was not an ideal
Let me not mince words: He’s a narcissistic, unstable tyrant who hates migrant workers and has instituted oppressive policies
Donald Trump's ban on global refugees and Muslim inhabitants of seven nations is not just excruciatingly bad policy. It is an affront to one of the core ideals of both Judaism and Christianity, as well as anybody else who thinks of the Bible as a source of important moral guidance.
Seldom has an idea been pronounced dead recently more often than that of making peace between Israel and the Palestinians
It may be possible to receive the Torah every day - but I mean that metaphysically. And that truth - our being bound up in
This moment in Hagar’s life is the perfect metaphor for the special loneliness that accompanies divorce.
The lack of access to the words of the religions masters and founders enabled religious leaders to distort the teachings of these towering figures to reflect their own ideologies.
May the memory of those who perished on September 11, 2001 continue to be a blessing and inspire us to live fully, and as
According to the text, Moses takes the case to God, who responds without hesitation that the daughters were justified in
By Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire It was only a few months ago that we saw graphic and horrific images of refugee children dying
Shabbat can function as a break from the unbearably real. We spend our week not only consumed by our personal struggles, large
The second takeaway is that we are not the boss; G-d is. Our job is to work to make that clear. Last week we read the bible
I run from confrontation.  The very thought of disagreeing with someone makes me breathless.  Yet, as a rabbi, I have to
Avian language is everywhere in the Bible. But what, if anything, does it say about ethics? Quite a lot, I suspect. For whatever reason, God does not want humans killing mother birds.