Later, they connected with other Jewish organizations that provided resources and educational materials. This was a real
We are confronted with these questions starkly in the "Song of the Sea", which according to the Biblical text, the Israelites
Let me not mince words: He’s a narcissistic, unstable tyrant who hates migrant workers and has instituted oppressive policies
Donald Trump's ban on global refugees and Muslim inhabitants of seven nations is not just excruciatingly bad policy. It is an affront to one of the core ideals of both Judaism and Christianity, as well as anybody else who thinks of the Bible as a source of important moral guidance.
Seldom has an idea been pronounced dead recently more often than that of making peace between Israel and the Palestinians
I say 'there is a tradition' that God and Torah and Israel are one - and there is, we even sing it (♫ Yisrael, Ve'Oraita
This moment in Hagar’s life is the perfect metaphor for the special loneliness that accompanies divorce.
The lack of access to the words of the religions masters and founders enabled religious leaders to distort the teachings of these towering figures to reflect their own ideologies.
Psalm 15 asks and answers: "God, what are we that you have regard for us? What are we, that you are mindful of us? We are