With back-to-school season around the corner, it’s a fun time to celebrate kids’ summer fashion: bring out those shorts and
Humans might not be the only casualties of the political standoff over provisions of the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid. Rural hospitals may begin to disappear because of lost revenues.
"No, I'm not that concerned," Hatch said. A few questions later, Young changed his story again. "We have whatever it was
"I worked in the majority and have been through both majority and minority storage space and never came across an Olympic
Asher Roth decidedly stepped the crowd-work up for the night. He climbed across the stage to the bleachers as he ripped through cuts from last year's criminally underappreciated Pabst & Jazz.
Is the Torch an iPhone killer? Not exactly. Instead it is more like a reward for the legions of users who cherish the bottom line functionality and performance of the Blackberry.
WATCH Meredith Vieria and the TODAY Show could have used that bit of information last Friday when they confused the famous
In North Korea, where political dissent is as rare as an Internet connection, the world got a taste of how China had envisioned the torch procession at all of its stops -- quiet, calm and Communist.
Who is the government going to allow to cheer on the torch bearers as they pass through New Delhi? According to The New York Times, "selected schoolchildren."
If, as appears to be the case, the torch proceedings are truncated and adjusted, perhaps we will see a lower-key, more somber Opening Ceremony.
Step back and take a moment and to consider the Dalai Lama carrying the torch or stepping onto the podium at the Opening Ceremony - perhaps that would be a chance for peace.
Don't pretend that the torch protests sully some pure tradition in a way it has never before been sullied. This particular tradition began in shame, not in purity.
Only twenty-three years old, Piestewa saw herself as a Hopi warrior, part of a centuries-old tradition developed by a people
The Olympics is beginning to emerge as a dramatic narrative that hovers between triumph and power and a public relations nightmare.
The protesters did not extinguish the Olympic flame today -- the authorities did.