Toronto Film Festival

The Oscar winner directs and stars in "Bruised," about a disgraced MMA fighter getting back in the ring.
" is a source of amusement and kind of existential despair.”
As I close my eyes before I go to sleep, the hours of footage I studied earlier that day replays in my head over and over again. The interview sound bites are imprinted in my mind as I piece them together on an imaginary timeline.
Andrea Arnold's festival breakout makes a star out of Sasha Lane.
For 41 years the Toronto International Film Festival has attracted the world's best films and built a faithful audience. This year at the 2016 festival, 480,000 film lovers filled seats, screened movies and experienced the festivities.
“Carrie Pilby” – a film written, directed and produced by women – is a character study of a quirky 19-year-old girl. And that, critics say, is its biggest fault.
Damien Chazelle's acclaimed musical gets another Oscar boost.
Over the past two years, the festival -- the first and premier event of its kind -- has featured the most envelope-pushing virtual and augmented reality narratives in the world, and with over 30 pieces on display, this weekend is set to be the most exciting yet.
Jeff Nichols discussed his touching work at the Toronto Film Festival.