toronto raptors

The NBA legend and panelist on "NBA On TNT" found himself singing the Canadian national anthem following the Toronto Raptors' win over the Milwaukee Bucks.
Toronto's red dinosaur got the Phoenix Suns player's goat during free throws at a critical moment.
The NBA star was looking back on his years with the Toronto Raptors when he got some comic relief from a famous name.
“And I’m including the time the Toronto Raptors mascot tried to skate down the stairs and fell flat on his face."
The NBA champion, now a free agent, teared up while speaking in front of a crowd in Taiwan.
Leonard is coming off an all-time NBA playoff run that saw him lead the Toronto Raptors to Canada’s first NBA title.
President Donald Trump said last week that he was considering hosting the Toronto Raptors. But Green said his team would likely rebuff the invitation.
They missed crucial parts of the NBA Finals because of the late night comedian.
"I should enjoy and I should embrace it, and I'm not going to shy away from being able to celebrate that," Lin told the "Off The Pill" podcast of the Toronto Raptors' win.