Despite being very "angry-looking," British fire authorities said the 45-year-old reptile was a very lucky fellow.
"I am determined to give him a better life now."
Last week, in a response to his ever-dwindling poll numbers several months into his lackluster campaign, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush actually declared on national TV, "I tell people I'm the tortoise in the race."
It only took one retweet to reunited the poor guy with his family.
But of course not all tortoises wear dresses. Wasabi began wearing her fancy clothes for practical reasons. That first winter
Toby, an 109-year-old tortoise who lives in Kent, England, went missing last May, according to Kent Online. Wendy Stokes
Sadly, improper diets and care are common among pet turtles and tortoises. Cleopatra was "not an exception to the rule," Novelli