An adult desert tortoise can survive
A little privacy, please? But "chase" might be too generous: A giant tortoise "will hit a cruising speed of about 1/6 mph
"This new bunch of 'little guys' is one of the important results of the rat eradication campaign," Gibbs explained on the
This story has been updated with comments from Toni Allen. Some days, you get the bean sprout; other days, the bean sprout
When you're down and troubled, arms waving helplessly in the air, it's good to know that you've got a friend. Like this good
At last week's New York unveiling of the mounted body of Lonesome George, the legendary Galápagos tortoise, the VIPs in attendance dismissed it as a silly idea: "George is a rock star, why not send him on tour?"
On the surface, this would seem to be a clear-cut case of animal cruelty. Those geckos are dead because of the actions of some humans. But I think this case actually resides in more of a gray area because I think the geckos were willing participants.
I'm willing to grant that the turtles will probably survive the experience. But if it isn't cruel, it's certainly tasteless, in the non-culinary way. This is not the relationship we're supposed to have with living things. They are not here to be treated like some kind of moving furniture.
Researchers taught the tortoises a few touch-screen basics in order to learn about the animals' navigational techniques. The
The zoo didn't realize Carlos was gone until a witness spotted him near a major road and contacted police Sunday, according
The bishop, who along with the sailors, had to endure a water shortage, was not impressed and later wrote to the King of Spain the place looked "as though at some time God had showered stones."
Animals love to ride Roombas, and a tortoise is basically like a living Roomba. Right? Whether they like it or not, these