Annual general meetings at the world's largest fossil fuel companies are usually a time for reflecting on strategies to increase
But French oil company Total still peddles a planet-warming product.
Western powers and Libya's neighbors have been worried about a spread of Islamist militants in the country. Sirte is home
Back in 2007, Kuwait had much more ambitious plans for the Ratqa oil field. Though the current goal is to suck 120,000 barrels
James Brown’s innovative style, stage presence, and artistry have penetrated through pop culture and influenced legions of
Given Russia's use of natural gas exports to bully Ukraine and Western Europe in the current crisis, sanctions should be expanded to include companies working in Russia's oil and gas export sector.
The energy transition demands a clear vision of the steps that need to be taken and a stable, meaningful regulatory framework.
Until recently Tunisia was considered to be a minor league and relatively underexplored venue in Africa's rapidly expanding oil & gas scene. This situation has quickly changed with new bid rounds and forced relinquishments creating an opportunity for new companies to come in.
Wild Well Control was also one of the companies called in by Kuwait Oil Company in 1991 to regain control of oil well fires
Total warned on Tuesday that it could take six months to halt the flow of gas in an accident that has thrown a spotlight