Andrew Napolitano slammed federal agents’ use of excessive force as “unlawful, unconstitutional and harmful.”
"He used OUR Independence Day to tell a majority of our country that we are not welcome here in America," snapped one.
She worries Trump will use the COVID-19 battle to "play off our fears for his own benefit" in a power grab.
The president's decree on immigration is the act of a self-assumed Caesar -- a Peronista strongman, wielding power like a
Is Trump a fascist? When are we justified in using the "f" word to describe a right-wing politician or movement that we legitimately find frightening?
That’s the deeper – and disturbing -- question in the presidential debate.
The wealthy wall themselves off from signs of decline. Gated communities and exurbs provide a cloistered life that feels
Timothy Garton Ash recently reflected on Isaiah Berlin and his commitment to value pluralism in the Chronicle of Higher Education
In ostensibly promoting tolerance, the essential core of liberalism, left wing extremists have taken on an ill-advised and misguided campaign to enforce an extreme version of political correctness, a form of intolerance that is ironically self-destructively anti-liberal. There is no constitutional right not to be offended.
The ability to present an acceptable demeanor, a pretense of humanity while acting out of unconscionable motives is sociopathy