The game is quite simple. You ask someone a question they might not know the answer to. They think about the answer yet cannot come up with it. So they ask for the answer and you tell them "Deez Nuts."
Tory Burch - 38-40 Little West 12th Street - 797 Madison Avenue - 257 Elizabeth Street Yes, you can get a terrific black
Forever 21 - Multiple Locations There's still time to buy that final summer item for your last-minute beach party. But now
These terms have migrated from the pages of women's magazines to the twitter feeds of the fashion industry's elite. Read
Today’s the day to stop carrying that yawn-inducing reusable tote with your grocery store’s logo on it, and start sporting
I am on a quest for the Holy Grail of Handbags. Whereas some women may prefer to pay attention to their children, I instead, for the past three months, have obsessively scoured websites and stores in search of The Perfect Tote.
WATCH: Visit Daily Grommet to start shopping for yours! You can stash snacks and sundries in the smaller bags, while the
The type of handbag you carry definitely speaks to your taste, and, sometimes, your personality. Here's what we think your handbag is actually saying.