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Apple just introduced the iPhone 7 and it seems that the market already has two conflicting views about this product.
A patent recently awarded to Apple and credited in part to the cofounder of AuthenTec, the firm Apple purchased to produce
Apple may be envisioning a world where buying a latte is as easy as holding up your index finger.
Wouldn't it be cool to log into your banking app on your smartphone using your fingerprint instead of that string of capital letters, numbers and symbols known as your password?
Not quite, said Nolan Jones, the director of eGov innovation at NIC, a company that builds websites and apps for local, state
Apple hired Nancy Dougherty from startup Sano Intelligence, a company with developments that include a small, painless, needle
I assume the term killer app came from the phrase "to make a killing." I never thought much about the metaphor -- the use of the word "killing" as a synonym for "succeeding" or "winning." But it's a little creepy to think about what the word killer really means. After all, a "murder app" or "homicidal app" doesn't sound appealing, and yet all these words are interchangeable synonyms.
iPad Pro, But Not For A While It's time for another installment of "This Week In Apple Rumors," where we bring you the latest
"Entering multiple examples of the same print enhances pattern matching," Fiske said. "Basically, it enables the pattern
Touch ID works by reading the iPhone owner's fingerprint and comparing it to a numerical representation stored on the phone
If Touch ID doesn't work how users believe it should, they will simply ignore it and forget about it. But for Apple, that will mean an enormous business opportunity lost.
Setting up the feature involves going to the "passcode and fingerprint" option in the phone's settings menu. The phone prompts
The camera on the 5s is an improvement over the iPhone 5 as well. It includes a new Apple-designed lens and has a "15% larger