When you apply pressure to a capacitive screen, it will only recognize the action if it has an electrical current. The naked hand delivers these electrical impulses directly to touchscreens. This is why the wool mittens your Aunt Vi made won't work on most touchscreen devices.
What makes a tech gadget a "gotta have it" item? The answer is simple: It has to offer something useful not featured by any of its competitors.
While devices with Wi-Fi and touchscreens have become a constant presence in our everyday lives, engineers are working to
"Because Emulator is just a MIDI controller, it can be used for lighting, video, audio," Smithson said. "This is not a DJ
Watch as host Katie Linendoll checks out the latest in touchscreen technology and where it is going in the future.
This disturbingly funny film created by Brooklyn-based comedy group Serious Lunch takes us through a day in the life of someone
Touching a screen and moving objects is pretty intuitive. But there will always be people who long for reality. Real buttons to push, real levers to flip, tactile controls that provide immediate feedback.
Suddenly, the boundary between the virtual and the real is all around us, a vanishingly thin plane that can be stretched over any real-world object, and that can connect us, with fingertip pressure, to the deep digital, social, data-rich world behind that object.
The answers to his questions lead us to books or museums or get us cooking or building or exploring the backyard or the beach. The screens make the world bigger and yet fully within reach, and infinitely full of possibilities.
When I think back to the landlines and card catalogues of the 1950s, I'm amazed that people managed to work and think so efficiently under those constraints. What, then, will our grandchildren think of our touch screens and wireless networks - and with what senses will they look back?
For now, Displair remains something of a curiosity, albeit an incredible one. One unit costs about $10,000 (plus one to two
For someone in my field, merely having my name in the same sentence as Mister Rogers is a heady, humbling experience. I'm too old to have grown up with him as a "television friend," but young enough that his work was seminal to my career choice.
Amazingly, Touche sensors can also be applied to liquids. As seen in the demonstration video above, a single electrode attached
It's a bit of a clichè, but the closest analogy for what this technology enables is really from a scene in "Minority Report
He was a visionary. A true leader. When historians look back they will see Jobs as one of humanity's great lights and a person who defined our time.
Highlights: Android 2.2 2 x 3.5" WVGA touch screens; 4.7" when screens are combined Sprint 3G Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) 5 mega pixel
'iPhone-ism' handily describes the effects of designing a user-centric device, with easy to learn (albeit subconsciously taught) functions, that make for an instant consumer hit.
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WATCH: The Virtual Autopsy Table from NorrköpingsVisualiseringscenter on Vimeo. *See video below* The new educational tool